About Us

It's all about The Ghost.

Founded by Elijah The Son (@elijahtheson) in 2016, Ghost Crew emerged as an idea for just one shirt design:

  "I wanted a shirt that had to do with being "Ghosted", but didn't have the money to pay a screen printing shop to print 24 of them - so I started a pre-order and got people to commit to buying one with me. It ended up doing really well, and I got the cool shirt I wanted. So I figured, let's do it again with another shirt. It all escalated rather quickly, and now... well. Here we are."

Ghost Crew has set out to inspire dreamers and creators to simply go for it. We create apparel with a Kingdom message that also carries a high level of style, from shirts to hats, and even decals and rain jackets. We also help equip others to build their dream business, album, ministry, or other creative calling. 

In seeing success in the development of the Ghost Crew clothing brand, Elijah has set out to help others with the tools and advice to start their own dream clothing line on social media to generate residual income and experience greater freedom of time and finances. Ghost Crew offers branding and design services, such as:  logo/apparel design, online store creation, website building, consulting, and even offers a detailed, 11-page social media brand launch plan to anyone aspiring to get started quickly with a brand idea on the internet. 

As a composer, recording artist, and producer himself, Elijah enjoys helping aspiring musicians express the unique sound that God placed in them by offering excellent audio production services. 

Ghost Crew is a brand that desires to see dreamers establish something tangible. 

For help with branding, design, consulting, or audio production services, please contact Elijah by emailing him at elijahward777@icloud.com or ghostcrewbranding@gmail.com

Terms of Service:

Our passion and purpose at Ghost Crew is your complete satisfaction with what we've invested our time and heart into providing for you. 

In the case of any outside forces that cause Ghost Crew to be unable to perform the services the client has paid for, the client will get a full refund. No refund will be given under any circumstances if the client has paid for the service and Ghost Crew has already invested the time and resources into preparing what the Client ordered from us. 

​Due to the nature of creative work, once the time has been invested and the outcome of the service "sent" to you (i.e. logo, website, apparel design), our time cannot be returned to us; Ghost Crew has a strict no refunds policy. Once a transaction has been completed (i.e., the buyer has ordered the service, paid for the invoice, and Ghost Crew invested creative time and energy) it is then considered non-refundable. Refunds will not be given due to "not liking it" - whether design, website, marketing report, etc.

​Any questions regarding this policy can be sent to ghostcrewbranding@gmail.com.